Testimonials (Recovery Therapy)

I would just like to thank you for all your help and support through some of my most difficult times through the use of hypnotherapy.
I was living from depression and low mood and my thoughs had become very dark and frightening. 

I had been through depression 5 years previously after the sudden death of my mother howvere I found this time through the NLP and self hypnosis Viv taught me at our session i was able to use these skills to help me in every day life.

I was in a very dark place for 8 months and couldnt see any light at the end of the tunnel. After 8 sessions i was able to change my way of thinking, i feel i now have the tools in place to continue with my progress in the weeks and months to come i now beleive i have a bright and promising future.

Thank you for your help and support Viv,i will always be in your debt.

Marie, July 2015

Hypnosis with Viv has completely changed my life, i used to have up to ten panic attacks a day, i have not had one for over 3 months, even in very stressfull situations, i now use the tools i have been learnt though hypnosis.

I am much more relaxed, confident and in control even between session i was able to return to the relaxed state, i am more patient and calmer with everyone around me and have built new calming and loving realtionships with my children, my physical health has improved, i have less pain and stand taller even my facial muscles have taken on a more relaxed less lines tone and my skin is less dry and itchy.

Hypnosis had given me a new lease of life by swapping the negative thoughts that clouded my head and it shown me new ways to handle and get rid of them, i am now sleeping eight hours a night instead of my lifelong pattern or four or five, i dont need as much medication to control my diabetes due to me being less stressed, i no longer need medication for pain relief as i can control it through self hypnosis.

To say i am a new person is a slight understatement, i am a better, calmer more confident understandable person.

Sarah, September 2015

I met Viv through her work with FASA, phobia induced anxiety had been part of my life for as long as a i can remember, i had an awful fear of vomiting, it controlled everyhting i ate, drank, where i went even who i could talk to, l struggled with panic and was unable to be on my own even for a short time.

I began working with Viv and we did Time Line Therapy, i was nervous and excited at the same time, i was ready to be over this phobia and anxiety.

We met for 4 sessions and covered emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt, i tracked back to the first time i had felt these emotions to let go of the emotions and instead take hold of the learnings, through colour, numbers shapes etc i was able to let go, my learnings were meaningful and i felt the release of emotion after each session. and could'ne wait to go back the next week

By the time we had our last session (Hypnotherapy and accupuncture) i was able to tell her that through medical advice i was now off my medication as it no longer served a purpose, something i never though would be possible. So now my phobia, while still there, is 100% controlable, my anxiety has decreased by 100% and i feel great, i cant thank Viv enough for helping me to be me again.

Caiti October 2015

Testimonials (Floatation)

Just enjoyed my first float along with my hubby.

Vivian and her daughter are extremely welcoming and friendly. They put us both completley at ease, Vivian is very knowledgeable and informative in all that there to do with floatation, it is this that helps the relaxation begin before even steeping into the cabin ... and WOW once you are in the cabin and floatating what a fabulous experience.

Everyone experiences floating differently so i wont say exactly what it was like for me apart from very relaxing, with a inch of weird (nice weird) and a whole lot of pain relief. I live with constant pain from CRPS, Fibromyalgia and damaged shoulders from walking on crutches for 7 years, i went into hydro-ease in agony and extremely fatigued from a very sleepless night, only 3 hours, when i am like this i find it extremely difficult to relax because my whole body is completley tense, i have come out with at least 60% less pain, im not saying it is a miracle cure and i know my pain will come back howvere getting some releif from it has been amazing, thank you Vivian and Hayley for a great experience, you will definatley be seeing me again.

Nicola Oct 2015 

I had my first float here yesterday, i was dead to the world, Viv came into waken me, we later had a good giggle about me snoring my head off !, boy that was some powerful relaxation, didnt hear the first "bing bong" nor the second, Viv had to wiggle my toes to get me out!,

Viv mentioned this is the closest thing to being in space or the womb, i first thought i might drown but your are suspended head above the water and you can use a "nekdoodle" incase you feel you would need to, trust me there is no need, that was the best kip ever .. in water!! i feel like i have been re-booted- slept like a log last night, since floating i have consumed a lot of water so obviously my body needed it, i have woke up this morning feeling amazing, i suffer from work related stress and depression- with chronic back pain and facetal joint disease, my back is not so sore and i just feel overal happier, boy i just feel so different, long may this therapy last ... i want more, thank you Vivian McKinnon and Hydro-ease

Jeanette Oct 2015

WOW Viv thank you so much, what an expereince in your floatation pool, cant wait to come back next week

Amanda Nov 2015 

I had my first float this morning and now have another two booked in, very relaxing and therapeutic, my mind feels calmer, not sure if it has helped my aches and pains as yet (might just be having a good day) but i feel better equipped to deal with them, thank you and i am looking forward to my next 2 sessions.

Particia Nov 2015

December 2015 i reached my lowest point, constant pain, fatigue and sleeplessness over the last 3-4 years had taken their toll on me. I stepped down from my retail management position to a part time sales assistant, i knew i needed to keep working to give me a reason to get out of bed. I would spend every day telling myself to get up and get on with it, there's nothing wrong with you, there are so many other people out there worse off than you but i had got to the point where i didnt even want to do that.

My husband done some research and gave me a Christmas present of 3 floatation sessions at Hydro-ease, i had never heard of the place before so i so i went online and looked it up, reading about it actually made me more anxious as the though of being in an enclosed bath of water made me feel claustrophobic!!

My husband took me for my first session 4 days after Christmas and i met Vivian, Hydro-ease is her babay and she is very passionate about the benefits of this therapy, Vivian explained evryhting to me and showed me around putting me instantly at ease. After my first few sessions Vivian told me about a global reseacrh study into fibromyalgia and i decided to sign up, got my medical awareness form signed by my Dr and i was good to go. Role on 10 weeks later and i was finnished the trial. My husband took me away for the weekend after the trail finnished and on the way home he said "Well you couldnt have done all that 10 weeks ago" i had just spent 3 days swimming, walking, sight seeing and shopping. I was backand i had my life back. After so many years it took me a week to realise this. Hydro-ease gave me back to me, my husband back his wife and my kids back their mother. I have halved my medication and at last can see a future again hopefully without medication all thanks to Vivian and Hydro-ease.

Tania May 2016